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2021-11 NITheCS Mini-School: Brink van der Merwe and Yorick Hardy, Getting started with Haskell
2021-11 NITheCS Mini-School
Prof Brink van der Merwe (SU) and Prof Yorick Hardy (WITS)

Getting started with Haskell

Abstract: This Mini-School is aimed at beginning Haskell developers. It will explain why the time investment of learning Haskell might be worth it, and how it differs from languages you might know, such as Python and Java. The content will mostly be taken from Graham Hutton's functional programming courses.
Nov 30, 2021 02:00 PM
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Brink van der Merwe
Prof @Stellenbosch University
Brink’s main research interest is algorithmics and natural language processing. He has a side interest in the verification and testing of mobile applications, and the internet of things. In algorithmics, he has focused on understanding and modelling performance-related shortcomings of real-world regular expression matchers. In NLP, he has applied machine learning and finite state methods to many problems, including the automatic classification of online news comments (as being of an acceptable standard, slander, racist, or badly written in general) and automatic grammar correction. Brink has also applied NLP-related techniques to algorithmic music composition and has studied ways of modelling the relationship between syntax and semantics in natural language. Furthermore, he has an interest in functional programming, and has been teaching Haskell at SU for some years.
Yorick Hardy
Prof @WITS
Yorick is an Associate Professor in the School of Mathematics at WITS. He has worked in the fields of quantum information theory, computer algebra and multilinear algebra. His current research interests include products of tensors, Kronecker quotients, and partial traces and determinants.